Slaughterhouse and butcher's shop

About geese we know almost everything. Our company has been operating in the geese industry continuously since 1988. The owner of the company - MSc Krzysztof Marciniec - is highly trusted by Polish breeders of geese and for this reason, for many years was chosen by them as the president and vice-president of the Polish Association of Geese Breeders and Producers.
We are responsible for the entire life cycle of geese, starting from the moment they are hatched in our hatchery until slaughter. This allows us to produce healthy food, because we take care ourselves of proper nutrition and sanitary conditions of breeding, and our geese live in free range being fed with healthy mixtures of cereals and grasses. Our own slaughterhouse and butcher's shop give us full control over the proper preparation of goose known as a young oat goose
We sell young goose carcasses  using direct delivery to a contractor in The United Kingdom of Great Britain. We offer sausages and pates of young geese (100% goose meat guaranteed). We sell numerous traditional and exclusive cold cuts made of natural products.